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01 April 2004

Collectibles in games

The key, Schubert said, is that players like to be able to choose to collect, but do not like being forced to. This is why collecting items or game elements is, in so many cases, what Schubert referred to as an "opt in, lateral gameplay" -- a side-quest or adjunct to a much larger game.

From Gamasutra's Postcard from GDC 2004: The Power of Collectibes -- Leveraging Your Player's Inner Obsessive-Compulsive

The Gamasutra report also feeds back suggested ways to implement collectibles that "would resonate more closely with the desires of the user":

  • Letting players display thier collection
  • Making collectibles more interesting, especially in cases where players are pursuing items in an open sets (i.e. sets that due to their nature cannot be completed)
  • Providing catalogues of everything that can be collected, and then letting players try to collect it all
  • Completion bonuses; giving the player a reward for completing a given set of collectibles, or allowing the set to be traded in for something more useful

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