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23 August 2003

Mimic octopus

Very pleased to learn about the mimic octopus yesterday when edging away from the deeply disturbing turbot in the London Aquarium.

The octopus, 'too recent a discovery to have a scientific name' (obfuscation takes time...), goes one step beyond the standard octopus talent for colour-changing to rapid shape-shifting to impersonate other sea creatures (including lionfish, sea snakes and the previously-mentioned dreadful flatfish). And apparently it's this range of mimicry that makes it harder for predators to realise the octopuses are imposters.

I want the mimic octopus added to the Robot Zoo (please).

Giant squid

Also see:

  • The Royal Society's Dynamic Mimicry in an Indo-Malayan Octopus for animations
  • Matt's photoblog for pictures from the London Aquarium

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    Not a good idea. These octopus' are very rare and are known to be expensive and only live a few days in the posession of professionals. Holding one in captivity would probably be a waste of money and a life. But they are rather cool.

    Posted by: Josh Siefring at 13 Feb 2004 02:21:38