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20 October 2003

Anthropomorphic molecules

With torsos of benzene rings, heads made from alcohols and eyes of oxygen atoms, each NanoKid stands just 2 nanometres tall. And there are whole communities of them living in glass jars.

'The viewer sees the world through the eyes of a NanoKid as he or she pulls atoms from the periodic table and combines them. It should help children understand atoms and chemical bonds.'

From Nature's NanoKids made in lab: Man-shaped molecules help students learn chemistry

See also: NanoKids

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funny the anthropomorphic molecules.
can you help me? i need more information about anthropomorphic objects. new anthropomorphic design forms and objects

Posted by: Ivo at 25 Dec 2003 17:44:17

Hi Ivo! Sorry but I really don't know anything about anthropomorphic design forms and objects; I just linked to the NanoKids article in Nature because it tickled me. Bizarrely, I've since become the number one result in Google for anthropomorphic molcules... I hope you find what you're looking for.

Posted by: Foe at 31 Dec 2003 10:24:49