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09 November 2003

RFID privacy happenings

The MIT Media Lab and others have set up a blog and workshop (on 25 November 2003) to address the privacy implications of RFID and the 'digitally named world'. The papers already available are a good read.

Rakesh Kumar's Interaction of RFID Technology and Public Policy is a clear introduction to the technology, issues and ethics - and includes The RFID Bill of Rights (by Simson Grafinkel, of the MIT Auto-ID Center):

  • The right of the consumer to know what items possess RFID tags
  • The right to have tags removed or deactivated upon purchase of these items
  • The right of the consumer to access of the data associated with an RFID tag
  • The right to access of services without mandatory use of RFID tags
  • The right to know when, where and why the data in RFID tags is accessed
  • RFID Privacy Using User-Controllable Uniqueness (by Sozo Inoue and Hiroto Yasuura) explores 2 methods for handing control of the IDs over to end users.

    For more on RFID, see:

  • RFID Journal
  • Future Now

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    Posted by: Paul Sissons at 10 Nov 2003 21:28:30

    RFID explained well. The article helped me understand RFID related applications, issues and technology without usage of technical jargons. Have saved it for future reference...very comprehensive.

    Posted by: Praveen Gupta at 19 Nov 2003 13:15:58