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16 December 2003

Google and the nature of things

According to CNET, Google has also tweaked the way it displays search results for specific products. When I search for the Garmin Geko 301, for instance, listings from Froogle will display above Google's regular search results. This isn't crude, though: if you search for a generic product category (e.g. GPS device), a brand (e.g. Garmin) or even a product group (e.g. Geko) it doesn't deliver the Froogle results. If, however, you're searching very specifically (e.g. for Garmin Geko 301), it does.

This is good.

Google understands that sometimes you want to find a specific product to buy; that other times you want to find the parcel that's wending its way to you; and that occasionally you might want detailed information about a very specific patent. And if you already have its full name, or numerical ID, some search results should be considered 'primary'.

(Oh and no, Matt, you're not getting a Garmin Geko 301 for Christmas but wasn't it exciting - just for a moment - to think that you were?)

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Oh, that's truly cruel!

Posted by: Chris at 16 Dec 2003 23:47:24

...and I fell for it: hook, line and Helsinker

Posted by: Matt at 17 Dec 2003 11:23:52

It was mean but you'll be getting something better - and less asked for! - for Christmas so redemption isn't far off.

Posted by: Foe at 18 Dec 2003 07:45:10