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08 December 2003

Unidentified persons

The National Missing Persons Helpline has launched an unidentified persons database of faces and descriptions:

A person who is unidentified, whether alive or deceased, is often also a missing person. Until the name of that person has been established, their family and friends will not know what has happened to them. In the case of a murder where the victim's identity is unknown, it is very hard for the enquiry to move forward until the victim has a name.

They also introduce some of their identification and reconstruction services - age progression, image enhancement and facial reconstruction.

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my family has not heard from my nephew who is about 38 years old for over 2 years now.h eis not well and we fear that he may be deceased or in need of medical attention.his name is jared swan and was last known to be in the texas area.he has a flame tattoo on one of his arms.h ehas blue eyes blonde hair and is very fair skinned.

Posted by: vanessa partin at 21 Oct 2005 07:48:12