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25 January 2004

Eureka Flag (unknown, 1854)


The Eureka Rebellion was Australia's only armed uprising, and is often credited with initiating democracy in Australia. In Raffello Carboni's published account of the Eureka uprising he wrote:

There is no flag in Europe or in the civilised world half so beautiful... the flag is silk, blue ground, with a large silver cross; no device or arms, but all exceedingly chaste and natural.

The flag is now on permanent display at the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery. Restoration carried out in 1973 revealed that it is made of a fine woollen mohair fabric; the stars constructed of a transparent white ‘petticoat’ lawn. The exact origin of the flag is uncertain but it is thought to have been made by a group of (immigrant) diggers and their wives.

It's Australia Day (aka Invasion Day, aka Survival Day) tomorrow.

See also: The Eureka Centre Ballarat

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Australians all us rejoice....

Happy Australia Day!!

Just found you blog via Matt Jones'

I'm an Australian about to visit Helsinki next week (meeting with a large phone maker ;-) )

Let me know if you need a jar of vegemite etc...

Posted by: Ben at 26 Jan 2004 10:37:13

Hey Ben, do get in touch with Matt and me when you get to Helsinki.

I have a jar of vegemite but you know what I'd really like; some Darrell Lea soft earing liquorice. Helsinki supermarkets are literally wall-to-wall with liquorice but there's nothing quite like Darrell Lea anywhere else in the world. Yummo!

Posted by: Foe at 26 Jan 2004 10:49:06

Foe....I'll do my best to get some...I'll duck into the city this week and grab some for you...hopefully it gets through customs.

I'll be getting into Helsinki on Wed 4th in the mid arvo and leaving on Sunday arvo to head to eTech so I'm sure I can tee up a time. Cheers.

Posted by: Ben at 26 Jan 2004 11:00:36