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20 March 2004

An aversion to mail

When he died, piles of letters, packages, and manuscripts sent by admirers were found, none of which he had opened. In fact, the only letters he did open were letters from publishers, and then only very cautiously: he would make a tiny slit in the envelope and then shake it to see if a check appeared. If it didn't, then the letter would simply join all those other things that can wait forever.

From an account of Faulkner in The Threepenny Review (via Arts & Letters Daily).

It's the telephone I dread; text is OK, voice calls are not. And when I use Skype I worry about whether or not I remembered to end the call. Not because of cost, obviously, but just in case I, you know, start mumbling to myself. It's my only social phobia. Oh, except... I also hate having my photograph taken.

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Who the hell are you kidding, Foe? You have to be provoked, cajoled and flattered into a response in virtually any circumstance apart from quickmessaging. Whereas, being much more desperate for attention and interaction, I can't even delay an e-mail reply long enough to think about what I'm gonna say.

Posted by: Dombo at 21 Mar 2004 08:55:29


As a result, I'm forever firing off additional posts marked 'addendum' or 'post script'. Much like this one, really.

Posted by: Dombo at 21 Mar 2004 08:57:19