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26 March 2004

Business card trading games

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Finally, people have started making business card-trading games. Life resembles Pokemon - folks at conferences trading cards... These particular OK/Cancel cards celebrate contemporary usability wonks - interaction design experts. The designers... took an open-ended approach to the gameplay - each of the cards has four attributes, different for each usability designer. But not specified within any ruleset! So people can make up their own game to go along with the scenario.

From game girl advance

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a blast from the past: http://www.pixelflo.com/008/

Posted by: cal at 7 Apr 2004 23:40:44

Very cool idea. Taking the Pokemon type game one step further, someone could design a game on the back of their buisness card (word game, etc.) and have it custom printed.

I just bought some cards from GreatFX Business Cards that turned out very nice. I designed them in Photoshop and they kick ***

Posted by: Spartan at 8 Apr 2004 02:30:03

I am trying to find a framed display of old business cards of famous people such as George Washington, Ben Franklin etc. There were 5 or 6 of these then a space for your own card. Can you help?

Posted by: John Streb at 20 Jan 2005 01:10:19