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26 March 2004

Portable players

Terra Nova muses on a suggestion made by Peter Molyneux at the Game Developers' Conference:

'Wouldn't it be nice if in the future player profiles could be exchanged between games. Somehow games might collect, save, and then share player meta-info with other games. Then games could then adapt and configure themselves using this information to enhance the player experience.'

On the face of it, Peter's idea seems interesting, especially teleported into MMOG space. Could there be a universe of confederated MMOGs linked by shared player meta information? But why stop with just meta-information, why not also the outright transfer of characters?

Would this lower the barrier of entry of players to participate in small MMOGs and thereby encourage a vibrant, innovative, game-design culture? This smacks of nuttiness for those of you who played AD&D and can recall endless Game Master (GM) "multi-universe" arguments (how to move characters between different GM universes), but is it a bridge that needs to be crossed?

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