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16 May 2004

Giving up

Comics and Collecting I: Parting with my Collection

But not only am I going to start buying trades only and cutting back on the number of titles; I'm getting rid of my entire collection altogether. There's simply no reason to keep it. Throughout the past weeks, I've been going through, and reading as many stories as I can, and realising how unattractive the format is. Older books can't be read without fear of damaging them, and newer books go by so quickly, it just doesn't feel like they're worth keeping simply to read.

I really loathe comics as a speculator's or collecting medium, and I don't see the need to continue spending huge amounts of money I can't afford on things I won't get too much of a return on.

Comics and Collecting II: Collecting for a Different Reason

When I was a kid, we collected comics to be able to read all the stories. Today, you collect comics as a means of achieving a status that only comic book fanatics can understand. That’s where my problem starts...

Comics should exist to be read. It’s what they are. Comic books. A book is supposed to be read.

Unfortunately, we have some people who desire the image or status or whatever illusory state of mind they get from having these false relics, and if anything, it’s what keeps the industry from moving forward.

Because you see, when people buy comics to sell them, the industry starts responding. Instead of making comics to be read, they make comics to be sold.

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