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29 June 2004

BBC's new manifesto

The BBC has released its vision for the future and manifesto for action. As well as confirming the BBC's commitment to its creative archive, digital curriculum and content-on-demand initiatives, it also clearly defines public service broadcasting as:

  • Supporting informed citizenship
  • Enriching UK culture and creativity
  • Extending learning opportunities
  • Connecting communities
  • Supporting the UK's role in the world

    I am personally very pleased to see that a lot of the BBC's hard thinking about child safety and internet literacy has been formalised as a commitment within the 'revolution in learning' strand:

    Take a lead in media literacy and safety on the internet; launch KidsSafe, a series of practical tools and initiatives designed to make the internet a safer place for children.

    Finally, it is refreshing to see the BBC commit itself to more openness and partnerships.

    (Hopefully the BBC will be able to share more widely some of its recent research in the KidsSafe area, in particular the 'Children's Digital Lives: Scenarios to 2014' that I worked on with Hannah McBain.)

    You can download the full BBC manifesto and send them your feedback.

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