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30 June 2004

Life update


So, I've been living in Helsinki for six months now. For the first four I was teleworking for the BBC and commuting back to London twice a month. Most often the trip from Helsinki to London was easier than making my way from one end of London to the other.

For the last two months I've mostly been enjoying summer idleness: reading (the definite highlights were The Phantom Museum: Henry Wellcome's Medical Mysteries and Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy) and setting myself the occasional project, e.g. installing and configuring a wiki on my iBook. I have also been properly immersing myself in my local surrounds (enjoying Juhannus, kayaking on the Baltic, cycling Helsinki) and guiding visiting friends.


It has been good but somewhat spoiling. So, in a couple of weeks I start the next phase of my Helsinki life by joining Sulake, the games development company behind Habbo (a virtual hotel where teenagers hang out and collect 'furni' to decorate their rooms). I can't wait!

(All pictures pilfered from Matt)

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Marvellous news. And congratulations. Although be prepared for people to mishear and think you've joined Haribo.

Posted by: andy at 30 Jun 2004 17:08:22

Excellent news! Congratulations!

(I'm suddenly aware that brief, generic comments like this look very like comment spam...)

Posted by: Phil Gyford at 30 Jun 2004 19:16:16

Thanks both x

How odd it is when genuine notes written by people start to be taken for spam imitating genuine notes written by people. All of the spam I get at the moment refers to my site as an 'informal place' and recommends that I 'go on'. It's instantly recognisable as nonsense.

Posted by: Foe at 1 Jul 2004 09:18:30

Hey Foe-
That's great! I think Habbo Hotel is still (for moi) one of the few remaining chilled out places on the net! Its great you'll be hanging out there and be part of its team. All the very best!
Priya :-)
PS: Miss u around the BBC

Posted by: Priya at 1 Jul 2004 22:19:45

XXX m0rT.ga.g3 ...

Sorry! Congrats Foe! Carry on ...

Posted by: Stewart at 1 Jul 2004 23:07:30


That is fantastico. Great that you've had a relaxing rest from work. Whilst mine was hardly relaxing, it gives you necessary "away from it" perspective.

That and a good chill out.

Posted by: cait at 2 Jul 2004 19:47:46