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13 July 2004

Bookplates and blog banners

^Golfwidow's Ministry of Silly Walks

Blogs by their covers:

As the title of this site suggests, I'm judging these blogs by their covers. Am I really that shallow? For the purposes of this project, the answer is yes. This showcase is specifically for blogs and specifically about pure visual greatness. If you are concerned with CSS only sites, check out the CSS Vault or CSS Beauty. If you want complete web standards compliance, check out the Web Standards Awards. It's not that I don't support these things, because I do: this site is standards compliant and coded with CSS. But I'm choosing a different focus: beauty and blogs. No commercial sites, just blogs.

I started this one as a holding place for designs I liked. Bloggers are fickle people, and many change their designs at the drop of a hat, so I needed to create a museum of sorts to hold the designs I deemed beautiful, lest they change overnight.


When books were scarce and precious, an owner used a book-plate (ex libris) to identify his/her ownership. Conceived as a functional object, the bookplate has become a self-sufficient work of art, an attractive collector's item and an object of research.

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