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14 July 2004

The inauthentic subject

Iona Opie admires the spontaneous and natural and is put off by self-consciousness. She is especially irritated by a girl named Lisa, who appears to be what might be called an inauthentic subject. Lisa, Mrs Opie remarks, is a "damned nuisance. It is 'Miss, watch this!' all the time. She showed me several boring sequences with a ball today... She invents these things especially for me, so that I will write them down. I am sure she would not play them otherwise."

From 'Boys and Girls Come Out to Play: Children's Games' in Boys and Girls Forever: Children's Classics from Cinderella to Harry Potter. (This chapter is a review of two classic texts about children's play: Iona Opie's The People in the Playground and Barrie Thorne's Gender Play: Girls and Boys in School.)

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