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27 January 2005

Flickr Squared Photo Collaborative Poster project

  Originally uploaded by jbum.

This would have to be the loveliest and most persuasive information visualisation I've ever come across. jbum, a member of the always-delightful squared circle group on Flickr has created a series of mosaics from the images sent to the group's photo pool.

The image above was made by "compositing 2600 photographs and arranging them in a fibonacci spiral, a form commonly seen in plants, such as sunflowers and pinecones" and then overlaying the current licensing status of each image: "The red band indicates unlicensed photos. The purple band indicates photos which are licensed, but have a 'No Derivatives' clause. The photos in the center are useable."

jbum wants to produce a poster of his mosaic but first needs the contributors of the original images to re-license their work. Here's his call to action.




And wow.

(Via Paul Key on Pixelbox, who introduced it thus: "Insanity squared on a flickr tip. Prepare eyes for infinity.")

Update: Apparently they've gone from 1437 to 1894 licensed photos in less than a week.


July 2005 Update: The Flickr Collaborative Posters are now available to order. Choose from Flickrverse, Day In the Life Of..., Squared Circle Peach and Squared Circle Phyllotaxy.

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here here foe...i think its one of the most impressive fusions of art science and social networks in a long while. : )

Posted by: paul key at 27 Jan 2005 17:15:23