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19 January 2005

Steps to leave the universe

According to 'the laws of physics' (and Michio Kaku, writing for Prospect magazine):

In a uniformly cold universe where temperature differences do not exist, intelligence cannot survive.

But since the big freeze is probably billions to trillions of years away, there is time for a Type III civilisation to plot the only strategy consistent with the laws of physics: leaving this universe.

Quite so. But, erm... how do we suss out the alternatives? Michio Kaku outlines the options:

  • Find a naturally occurring wormhole
  • Send a probe through a black hole
  • Create negative energy
  • Create a baby universe
  • Build a laser implosion machine
  • Send a nanobot to recreate civilisation

    I can't claim to really understand this article but I did rather enjoy it. I blame Philip Pullman.

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    Yeah, Pullman seems the right one to blame here :)
    Let's try and find some very sharp knife.... ;)

    Posted by: Riccardo (Bru) Cambiassi at 23 Jan 2005 01:37:36

    You might also want to actually bite the bullet and read 'Permutation City' by Greg Egan, wherein quite an elegant way to slide out of this universe wrapped in some slippery logic is detailed... I think the book is on your shelf by the bed... ;-p

    Posted by: Matt at 24 Jan 2005 12:39:53