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12 April 2005

Used in India, now in Helsinki

  Doors8: Used in India exhibit 
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I was very disappointed to have missed Doors 8 in New Delhi, so was especially pleased to see Aditya dev Sood's Used in India talk for Aula tonight. Aditya spoke about "the devices and cultures of Indian street innovation (jugaad)", where the making and remaking of things is more of a dialogue between home, workshop and marketplace, than a formal or individual design process.

Aditya also treated us to a small selection of such remade objects: from radios with screen printed face plates and decorative LED lights, to a modded TV, and a sound box that plays mantras. More about the objects after I see the exhibition at Kiasma this weekend...

When questioned about the causes of such handiwork, Aditya pointed to "informationalisation without industrialisation", a culture of recycling and a more synaesthetic appreciation of electronic goods.

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