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18 July 2005

Girlguiding as a serious game

While researching around playful knowledge networks for teens, I discovered that Girlguiding describes itself as a serious game these days:

What is Guiding?

Guiding is a game - with a purpose. It provides opportunities for girls and young women to be challenged by new adventures and experiences and achieve a sense of pride in accomplishment and teaches them to understand and learn about the world, its people and cultures.

Makes sense. There are lots of basic game design patterns evident in Girlguiding: from learning by doing, to levelling up, trading, socialising, and collecting...


Pictures pilfered from here.

Girlguiding UK is also piloting a piece of safer social software: a moderated discussion forum carefully limited to Girl Guides and Girlguiding staff.

It can't be long before they get into alternative reality gaming - it's a perfect fit. (Ditto for the Scouts and Duke of Edinburgh Award.)

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I followed your link to the site from whence you pilferred the badges, Foe, and I must say that I… ah, heck, why spoil the surprise? I’ll let your other readers see for themselves!

Posted by: Dom at 19 Jul 2005 10:35:21

Pretty funny, eh. I was leaving that as an easter egg.

Posted by: Foe at 19 Jul 2005 10:43:12