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11 July 2005

New definition of media literacy

I really like this definition of media literacy, as noted by The Shifted Librarian during Henry Jenkins' Pop Culture and Learning talk at the Games, Learning and Society Conference:

  • the ability to critically assess information gathered from multiple sources
  • the ability to appreciate works from many different aesthetic traditions (give them vocabularies for what they’re already consuming)
  • an understanding of the contexts within which media are produced, distributed, and consumed
  • the ability to express your ideas through a range of media (which kids already do)
  • the ability to assess which media is most appropriate for a given purpose (cell phones vs. text messaging vs. camcorders, etc.)
  • the ability to meaningfully participate in collective intelligence community
  • the ability to think in multimodal terms (multiple levels of interpretation; the videos of Tokyo Park show more than just sound, audio, or text would)
  • an ethical framework for thinking about our freedoms and responsibilities as communicators

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