14 January 2005


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I am very keen on Technorati's much discussed introduction of tag search, especially the sleep tag, which not only calls in a beautiful set of pictures from Flickr but also manages to highlight the wonderful new blog dedicated to the science of sleep, Circadiana (at least in the del.icio.us links, anyway).

As anyone who has ever lived with me will know, I have a great interest in sleep, and the first post on Circadiana is a manifesto for the stuff:
As Robert Anston Heinlein said:

Waking a person unnecessarily should not be considered
a capital crime. For a first offense, that is.

One thing I noticed upon arriving to the States is that nobody here seems to have any notion of "sleep manners"...

First, individual rights are assumed to mean that you can do whatever you want as long as that does not hurt another person in some way. Waking someone up is harassment - of course it hurts someone. Second, there is no such thing as inappropriate time. If you can, you sleep whenever you can. There is no appropriate or inappropriate time... Third, what is this about sleeping being a sign of laziness... If you are asleep, this means you need it. If you are rested enough you cannot physically remain asleep or go back to sleep again. You are wide awake. Thus, when you see someone asleep, it is because that person needs sleep right there and then...

Sleeping, whether with someone or alone, is a basic human need, thus a basic human right.
Given that the author expects an audience of night owls and insomniacs, perhaps he could provide a nice public service by including a prominent link to the Flickr sleep slideshow, which I discovered via Imran and find much more effective than counting sheep.

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    16 October 2003

    Tired wired at altitude

    Most people here are disoriented by a combination of altitude sickness and jet lag. I'm finding myself awake and VERY ALERT - without coffee - at about 5.30 each morning. I feel virtuous.

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    16 September 2003

    Sleeping positions

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    From BBCi News

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